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Finding Dory Production by Walt Disney Pictures I do not know what age you had to have when Finding Nemo was released but, if you have not seen it since then, perhaps want to throw a glance again before going to the movies to enjoy Finding Dory.

The new Pixar movie is released 13 years after the original Finding Dory tape and is a direct consequence with part of the same personages and a pursuit of the original history. It brings a new moral on the pleasures of risking in the life and of traveling, but with an added message on what it means to be a family.



In Nemo, Marlin is a fish clown who loses to its couple and all its litter of eggs except for the child Nemo and from this moment it turns into an over-protective father. When the child gets lost, Marlin must confront its fears and cross half an ocean to find it and in the way it will meet the always nice and bold but very forgetful Dory.

Finding Dory starts with a flashback to the infancy of Dory and how its parents Pixar Animation Studios try to educate her and to prepare it for the world bearing in mind its problem of loss of memory. The kidling will end up by losing them and he tries to look for them incessantly, until the years happen and in the end he already does not even remember for what he is looking. It is in this point in Watch Finding Dory Online which one stumbles over Marlin and both end up by looking together for Nemo.

After these introductory sequences the 3D computer-animated comedy adventure film transports us to one year after the Nemo meeting: Dory is living in a "small house" justly next to Nemo and Marlin, and the whole world seems of the happiest thing. Until Dory realizes that she has a proper family and goes out to look for it.

Marlin does not like anything the idea and complains with one: "The only motive for traveling is not to have to do it again never again". But pushed by Nemo, Marlin turns out to be forced to follow Dory. The blue pitch will end up by losing to the fish orange, Ellen DeGeneres which ocean and ground will have to remove to meet on her.

The movie has a structure very similar to that of the first one Ed O'Neill to the effect that there is a loss, they know by intuition that there can be a reunion and between both things there is a heap of adventures that teach to its personages many vital lessons that otherwise they might not learn. And the humor, skylight is not missing.

The whole movie is interwoven with flashbacks in that Dory is mending the puzzle of its forgotten infancy and how it lost its parents. It is necessary to say that these moments, although tender, they end up by becoming repetitive and are slightly Ty Burrell dynamic for the advance of the plot. The rest of the history is splashed by the personages' reunion or well-known moments, like the marine turtles or the fact that one speaks "balleno". But in fact the most entertaining are the new personages: as a pair of lazy marine lions and with London accent, a whale with problems of vision and, especially, an octopus called Hank with very much talent for the camouflage.

The achievement of the quizmasters and engineers of Pixar has been to unite esthetically the original movie with this one, although more than one decade has happened between both and technologically the animation is much more advanced. But some scenes Diane Keaton have been allowed to show these technological advances as the moment in which a blankets bank crosses the ocean raising sand or Hank's adventures being camouflaged in the most improbable places. Hank's tentacles, its bad mood and its reserve for returning to the ocean are in fact one of the best ingredients of the whole movie.

And the fact is that if the first movie up wanted to cheer us to venture Andrew Stanton us in the life, not to resign ourselves to having left us at home out of fear that anything happens to us, this second keeps on insisting on this topic. Enclosed Dory argues against doing plans and says that "the best things in the life happen by chance". Pero Finding Dory introduces another topic between its messages and it is that of the family idea. And the fact is that the family must not limit itself only to the blood bonds, and Marlin and Nemo have turned into the Dory family, just as they it are its parents.

In spite of this so touching message, Finding Dory, like any of the Kate McKinnon last qualifications of Pixar Animation Studios, has not just taken all the attractions of any masterpieces of the producer of animation as Up oWALL ยท And. There is lacked this double or even triple layer that exists in some qualifications of Pixar who allows to the adults to enjoy them so much or more than the smallest.

It is necessary to emphasize Piper, the short one that precedes the projection of Finding Dory and that following the tradition Pixar brings to us a vignette without dialogues with a very universal message. In this case there talks each other of the history of a birdie who Walt Disney Pictures the ocean scares but it finds the way of conquering it. They stand out the realism with which there are ambientado details as rich as the grains of sand, the waves coming to the shore or the wealth of the colors of the twilight.

With the premiere of the third part of Cars, but especially on the Day of the Dead persons, alumnus Coco, that Pixar has hanging for the next year only we can only hope the very enigmatic history that the animation producer gives again to us one of these qualifications which the whole family can enjoy equally.